Okay, so Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar. I’ll admit it, it was well deserved! But seriously, Alan Rickman never got an Oscar. Ever. All those amazing years of serious roles that warmed our hearts, and not a single one. Man that makes me kinda sad.




Psychologists are starting to think that your brain doesn’t fully develop until your mid twenties. This means that you’re still an adolescent/young adult until about age 26. By the time my father was 26, he had already been in the army, gotten married, and helped tear down the Berlin Wall. He had talked to Russian Border Guards, lived in Germany, and traveled through Europe, but still kept his farm-boy roots. This man, who I admire and love dearly, did so much while his brain was still developing, while he was still a new adult. He made the world a better place and who got to see cultures in a way I wish I could.

I am only eighteen and I can’t wait to see what I can do. If my father, who wasn’t given as many amazing opportunities as I have been given can do so much at such a relatively young age; than I, with my privilege, hope to have that drive and ambition to change the world like my father did before me.

The Moment

Today while I was in Zion, I saw some mountain goats. Standing on the side of a rock face, with its momma, was a little baby goat. This little guy was standing on a small rock, and he was so adorable, we slowed the car to a roll and started snapping pictures. He started walking towards us and looking straight at us, and it was the most amazing thing. I really felt one with nature in that moment. I knew there were probably hundreds of goats in that canyon, but in that moment, this little mountain goat and I looked in each others eyes and knew who the other one was. This goat is one of a kind in a sea of other goats. He has a personality and a life.

After wards, I was looking at the pictures I had took, and instead of deleting some grainy pictures of the sunset, I accidentally erased all the pictures of the baby mountain goat! The moral of this story is, you can’t live your life through a camera. Yes it’s wonderful that we have all these amazing devices to take pictures and show to our friends, but no amount of pictures will ever truly capture the moment a baby mountain goat looked me in the eyes and we connected. Photographs may last longer than my memory will, but they can be deleted, and that moment cannot be.

Excuse Me?

Everyday, I get to go to class, have the time of my life, learn, make new friends and embark on an incredible adventure. I love college and I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a try, not just online, but on campus because it offers such an amazing experience. That being said, college is kicking my butt. There are tons of assignments, and lots of studying, but you know what the worst part is? Your budget.

High schoolers take for granted that they don’t have to buy their books . . . or their testing supplies. Remember that beautiful testing book with so many blank pages you couldn’t possibly fill them all no matter how long your essay was? Now I have to buy a teeny-tiny blue book for every test. College ruled? Ha! Doesn’t exist in that little book. And those multiple choice scantron sheets that the school board hands out like crazy? They may only cost 21 cents, but you have to pick one up every time you have a test. Then you think that perhaps you’ll buy a couple, just to be prepared, and bam! Next time you have a test they disappear like socks in the dryer!

College is incredible. Testing is never fun. It’s just a fact of life. And as much as I hate buying my own testing supplies, I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Life in Prison?

Instead of one day attending school, a 4 year old in Egypt could be facing life in prison. Apparently, the court believes Ahmed Mansour Karmi commited murder when he was one year old. He’s facing charges for 4 murders, 8 attempted murders, and even vandalism. Wow, what’d he do, drool on the sidewalk? In addition, the judge also added threatening soldiers to the charges. I don’t know about you, but “goo goo gaga” is pretty offensive! Clearly this young boy is completely guilty. His defense attorney told the Jerusalem Post that his clients name was added to the list of accused on accident and the court didn’t even view Ahmed’s birth certificate.

*Please Note: All of the above was very blatant sarcasm.

What went wrong in Egypt? Sayd, Ahmed’s lawyer put out a statement saying “The child Ahmed Mansour Karmi’s birth certificate was presented after state security forces added his name to the list of accused, but then the case was transferred to the military court and the child was sentenced in absentia in an ensuing court hearing. This proves that the judge did not read the case.”

Over 40 thousand opposition supporters are in prison for what they believe in, and this boy must not be placed in prison simply because of a mistake on the records.

Let Your Emotions Free

Today, I’ve been dwelling on a powerful and diverse topic: emotional. Emotional health is just as important as our physical health, yet often times we neglect our self for our friends, job, school, and life. We make commitments we can’t or don’t need to keep and we drain our selves. Emotional health can have a positive or negative impact on our mental and physical selves! Have you ever just had a bad day and it made you feel sick to your stomach? Or had a headache because you were so stressed? I most certainly have. I’ve noticed that when I start to cry, people immediately jump to say “don’t cry” or “shhh, it’s okay”. That is not what we as men and women need! A good cry is cleansing; it helps us work through emotions and get in touch with the real reason. When someone cries, there is no need for us to shut them up! Instead, we should listen, rub their back, and just hold tightly. With every tear we shed, we shed a worry or fear that has lead to our sadness and frustration. We should take care of ourselves emotionally, and being able to cry, laugh, or just take an hour off for emotional rejuvenation is an important, nay essential, medication.



Every Disney film had a purpose, no matter how old it is or what is wrong with it in societal terms now, each film taught us an important lesson growing up. Don’t restrict your child from watching Disney films. Let your little boys and girls dress up as whatever character they want, because every character helps them learn and define who they want to become. The values we learn are listed below and I feel very strong about all of these. Disney is the best.

  • Snow White: Wishing, cleaning, and being kind to animals and humans alike
  • Pinocchio: Hard work, obeying parents, not following peer pressure, and being honest
  • Fantasia: The importance of music, of paying attention, and thinking outside the box
  • Dumbo: Being yourself, embracing your flaws, and loving your mother
  • Bambi: It’s okay to cry, look up to your elders, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, and be friends with people who are different than you
  • Three Caballeros: Learn about the world and travel it, accept every gift graciously, and life is one big adventure
  • Cinderella: A dream is a wish your heart makes, no one can stop you from dreaming, and trials aren’t forever
  • Alice in Wonderland: Reading is good, different people have different customs, defend yourself, and riddles are fun
  • Lady and the Tramp: Change is scary, but babies aren’t, don’t trust Siamese cats, Italian food is the most romantic, and love isn’t always easy
  • Sleeping Beauty: Your first impression of someone isn’t always correct, listen to your dreams, and do bold things for the people you love
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Trust your dog, killing animals for pleasure is cruel, and make many friends
  • Sword in the Stone: Believe in yourself and go for it
  • The Jungle Book: You don’t need a lot, just the bare (bear) necessities, it’s okay to be different, and never ever let yourself get hypnotized
  • The Aristo-cats: Stepdads can be nice, don’t hurt others for money, be classy like Madame, the night sky is beautiful, and adventures are good
  • Robin Hood: Love will find a way, help those less fortunate, and always do good
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Your stuffed animals are your most loyal friends, never make bees angry, an cherish friendship
  • The Rescuers: Little people can do big things and it’s okay to be afraid
  • The Fox and the Hound: Friendships can change, but they never truly die, use your own conscience, and help friends in need
  • The Black Cauldron: Different is good and everything is scary (this film scarred me)
  • The Great Mouse Detective: Pay attention, it’s good to be smart, take care of your parents
  • Oliver and Company: Animals are friends, help strays, and follow your ambitions
  • The Little Mermaid: The other side of the fence is always greener, always read contracts, and your voice is important and should be heard
  • Beauty and the Beast: Read!, it’s good to be different, inventing is fun, learn manners, help someone even if you don’t like them, and be a good guest
  • Aladdin: Wishes are important, some people need your help, only marry for love, never force someone to obey you, and be honest
  • Pocahontas: All people are people, not only the ones who look and think like you, and if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew, and it’s okay to look around the river bend
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Everyone has valuable skills, beauty is only skin deep, and lust and power make people do awful things
  • Hercules: Always go the distance, fame isn’t everything, and true heroism comes from love
  • Mulan: Every gender is awesome and can be strong, defend your honor and your family, and be brave even when you’re scared
  • Tarzan: Family is who you love, not just biological, you’ll grow into who you are, and learning about other cultures is good, bullying them is not
  • Fantasia 2000: Magic is awesome, everyone is awesome, music is perfect
  • Dinosaur: Just watch it. Just watch.
  • The Emperor’s New Groove: Don’t be greedy or let fortune get to your head and always talk to squirrels
  • Atlantis: Learn tons of languages, find new worlds, don’t use people for your own game, and keep trying even after all hope seems lost
  • Lilo and Stitch: Aliens are awesome, being different is okay, and OHANA MEANS FAMILY, FAMILY MEANS NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND OR FORGOTTEN
  • Treasure Planet: Money isn’t everything and don’t let people take advantage of you
  • Brother Bear: Embrace your spirit animal, little siblings can be annoying, but they look up to you, so be kind, let your heart lead, and take an adventure
  • Home on the Range: Your home is important, hard times will come, and you can make a difference
  • Chicken Little: It’s okay to be afraid, but it’s also important to be brave
  • BOLT: You may be living in a fantasy world, but that’s okay, you are important and you have a super power
  • The Princess and the Frog: Being rich doesn’t get you all the ladies, hard work is essential, make your parents proud, your dreams depend on you but it’s okay and even nice to get help, and your prince doesn’t always come
  • Tangled: Defend yourself, don’t let youself be taken advantage of, be around people who like you for you, love is more important than any superpower, and love isn’t always at first sight, it takes time
  • Frozen: Sisters are great, don’t hide away from who you are, not every man will be right for you, and every one is a bit of a fixer-upper

Alright, there it is; every major animated Disney film! There are more of course, but these are the main ones. Every Disney film teaches us something important so don’t bash on Disney! I had lots of fun compiling this list and will probably be in a Disney mood for the next week! Have an AWESOME day!